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Interactive & Fun Car Toys For Your Little One

Often, children & toddlers find themselves fascinated with stuff that we grown-ups use. They tinker with our accessories, play with our makeup and try to claim their ownership over our devices. Cars are no exception. 

Of course, it can be annoying to deny your mini-me something they can't do (or ought to do). For a change, they can't drive a car unless they have a license. But their developing intrigue and relentless pursuit must be encouraged in some way. After all, who needs a license for a kiddie car?

Woogly Woosh presents an impressive range of uber-cute car toys for your kids. Let them hop in and get behind the wheel while they whirl around the house in their personal speeder.

Well, as much as you'd be relieved to have your children get off your things, you will also gift your child the joy of learning. These ride-on toys enhance their gross motor skills, letting them embark on imaginative adventures. Not only do you satiate their curiosity about the outside world, but you also let them have fun in a safe environment. 

Ride On Toys Australia: Discover Bikes, Cars, Quad Bikes & More

We do pride ourselves on our battery-powered cars, but our quad bikes are no less. In fact, if you are running out of ideas to gift your kid a birthday gift, consider this to be your cue. Even if your kid doesn't like the outdoors as other kids do, you can have them ride the toys at home. 

Believe us; they're compact, convenient to carry and too pretty to stash away in a corner! You could even take these electric kids cars to beaches, parks and other places your children like. If you have extra space in your car's trunk, these toys will be easy to store in the back. 

Their durability adds the fifth star to their performance. Don't worry about the crashes, bumps or swirls, as they have in-built shocking resistance and support to keep your child safe while driving. The speed limit is optimal at all times, helping you make sure your kid doesn't get hurt. 

So, even if your child is throwing a fit or needs to be rewarded for their cheerfulness, these electric kids cars are a second gift to none!

Driving Experience Like No Other - Electric Cars For Kids

Ever seen the shine in your kids' eyes when they hear the name "Mercedes Benz" or "Range Rover"? Your kids may be too young to drive them, but at Woogly Woosh, we make it possible. We have cute lookalikes of famous cars that your young ones would be proud to drive. 

These are remote-controlled, of course, so you can change the directions and speed accordingly. These cars aren't just toys but, in fact, a simulation for your children. These car toys are officially licensed Mercedes Benz AMG & Range Rover kids models. 

These cars feature iconic elements that are a replica of their original models, with a brilliant lacquer finish and a solid build. Coming with powerful twin motors, these toy cars are anything but boring. Other features include all-wheel suspension that prevents sudden shocks while keeping your child intact, slip-resistant tyres, and self-acceleration for a smooth ride. Don't worry about the seating - it's a spacious interior with a cushioned seat and a belt for protection. 

Plus, these ride-on toys have working headlights and taillights - that add to the driving experience. Along with that, your child can play with simple functions such as a horn, music, digital dashboard, keyless start, and an accelerator pedal. Expect a lockable door, and forward/reverse switch too. This battery-operated remote control car collection comes with an SAA-approved charger that ensures safer and faster charging. 

Get the Best Deals On Kids' Toys Online 

Car toys are one of the most ideal and in-demand toys kids and parents could ask for. These car toys put together design and function in perfect harmony, making your children live the best of both worlds. Getting these toys at the fairest price is a concern for many, but we're here to take that off your shoulder too!

At Woogly Woosh, we have an impressive variety of car toys, push bikes, battery-powered quad bikes and swing bikes catering to both toddlers and growing children. These toys have been sourced from certified manufacturers in Australia and are brought to you with safety through ethical procedures. 

Many kids are often picky with the colours, and we've solved that problem too. Our bike and car toy collection comes in pretty colours like pastel pink, red, blue, white and matte black finish for the ultimate driving experience. 

These cars have illuminating flashlights, operable steering wheels, horns and sound systems to emulate the real driving adventure, unlike in video games where there is no movement and just a screen to stare at.

We ship your order safely within Australia. With a nominal delivery amount and a customer support team by your side, you will always have the guarantee that your product reaches you well and serves its purpose rightfully. For bulk orders, our shipping costs may vary, but they are just to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your product. You can also refer to our Shipping Policy for more information. 

As a parent, it can get daunting enough to choose the right products for your children. We are a renowned supplier of reliable children's products that have been trusted by many concerned parents and loved by their kids. We deal not only in car toys but many other products for your home to make your lives easier. Check out our kids' furniture collection, pet supplies (interlinking), home decor, camping essentials and much more!

Got an eye on cute car toys? Shop Ride on toys Australia at Woogly Woosh, and get 26%-60% off on your favourite toy cars!

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