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77 products

Bring Comfort Wherever You Go: Best Camping Essentials Online

Are you an adventure junkie? If yes, you may surely say yes to camping in a heartbeat. Well, lucky for you, we have the best camping supplies you'd ever need. 

It's good to take a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life while you reconnect with your inner piece. It doesn't hurt to bask in the early sun-rise and post pictures on your gram, does it?

As much as you may love the adrenaline rushing through your body, you'd need ample rest to shave off the fatigue from an entire day's adventure. For this, you'd require appropriate camping gear and equipment to make your temporary stay as safe as possible. 

Brace the Adventure: Sturdy Camping Tents Online

Camping tents are most likely the most significant item for any camping and hiking vacation. Hiking may be a multi-day activity that is nonetheless difficult. Your first item of business should be to guarantee that you have a safe roof over your head at the end of the day, which is where a tent comes in. 

At Woogly Woosh, you'll discover a plethora of rain-proof tents online; the majority of them are simple to use, fold, and transport. You only need to choose the size of your camping tent.

We have a wide range of snug tents that not only provide you with comfort but also guard you against hostile temperatures that will make it difficult for you to sleep otherwise. Our camping tents are easy to set up, come with lesser hassles and oh-what, the best price you could find online! 

Enjoy the night skies while you lie down in your comfortable camping tent and gaze at the stars. Also, if you value your privacy more than anything, no problem. You can make your personal bathroom with our portable wash basin and an easy-to-install shower tent that you can set up anytime you want. 

Comfort At Its Best: Shop Sleeping Bags In Australia

Are you craving home-level comfort amidst the wild? You're not alone. While a blanket, a fuzzy lamp and an improvised barbeque may do the least favourite to make you feel at home, sleeping bags will make your trip much better. 

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like a flatbed, we've inflatable sleeping mat camping, mattresses and bags for you. One of the best ones we have is a sleeping mattress with a built-in pump, and trust us; it's way cooler than it sounds!

Discover the Finest Selection of Camping Beds 

Adventure and fun are fine, but what are you going to crash on after a day's toil? Now that you've decided on the ideal tent, it's time for you to choose a comfy camping bed.

Sure, it may not be the deluxe mattress straight from the store, but at least it keeps you from getting rashes by sleeping on the wet grass. Also, you'll get a restful night's sleep. 

For a short hike, you may simply use the mat and some blankets. However, for longer hikes, you will also want a suitable sleeping bag. Rest in the lap of nature with your personal inflatable mattress or a cosy sleeping bag. 

Even if mattresses sound "work" to you, do away with them with a classic, hippier and chiller alternative - yes, we're talking about hammocks! Our multicolour hammocks are perfect for tropical weather and locations with clear night skies. So, you'll rock yourself to sleep like a baby and wake up with sunlight kissing your face the next morning; heavenly, right?

Hiking Tips: What You Need To Know

Now that you've decided on the size of your tent and the style of sleeping pad, you'll need a hiking pack to hold everything, including your clothing, food, water, fire tools, first-aid kit, and other trinkets. 

In reality, the ideal solution would be to purchase a large number of carabiners and attach them to your luggage. This will allow you to hang goods such as water bottles, umbrellas, sleeping bags, and even your tent while still leaving room in the backpack for all of your other stuff.

A multi-purpose knife is a very useful instrument. If you have the option, get a Swiss knife, which comes equipped with practically everything you would need in the woods. It is also pocket-sized, making it convenient to transport.

If you are planning a leisurely hiking vacation and are unsure where to get your camping and hiking equipment, then leave your concerns at home. Let us be your travel goodies guide and walk you through an ultimate range of gear and equipment, from tents and bags to foldable kitchen tables, floor mats, and even a portable camping toilet. 

So, go ahead and search for the greatest hiking and camping equipment to make your excursion go anything but ordinary!

Elevate Your Camping Experience With Woogly Woosh

Inspired by nature and tranquillity, Woogly Woosh embarked on a journey to curate a remarkable selection of camping equipment, outdoor necessities, and, lastly, intriguing experiences. We believe that no matter where you go or decide to set up your camp, everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of nature safely and comfortably.

Consider us travel enthusiasts like you — who turned their unyielding passion for camping and the woods into a virtual refuge for travellers with indomitable spirit and resilience. We harbour hand-picked, premium products in all things camping, ensuring you continue your adventure with minimal to zero inconveniences.

Browse our camping essentials and see how we can help you make the most of your camping trip. We have most of the products at discounted prices, so they'll be your best companion on your trip while not burning a hole in your pocket. 

Woogly Woosh is a trusted online supplier of household and convenience products that pass multiple quality checks before making their way to you. Rest assured, our quick customer support and hassle-free returns are at your disposal every step of the way. 

Shop at Australia's leading camping products destination and get every bang for your buck. Happy Camping, Avid Traveller!