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106 products

Sway & Relax With Premium Hammocks

Do you enjoy living in the moment? Perhaps, lying aloof and gazing while the raindrops fall in your backyard — and for moments like these, we’ve got an entire range of hammocks right for you.

Hammocks are synonymous with unwinding vacationing. While they add a laidback vibe to your home, having them ensures more functionality with lesser maintenance. The best part about hammocks is that they swing, ideal for an unplanned nap or reading a book. 

So, what are hammocks used for? Minimal furniture like a hammock is perfect for creative heads and anyone who needs a break from the rush and noise. 

Your Getaway At Home Is Here: Hammocks For Backyard

 A hammock is the perfect addition to any yard or spacious balcony. Even if your apartment has no balcony, you may still enjoy the outside by hanging a hammock in front of a window. 

You may get hammocks in the conventional sling design and the more modern swing type. It may be strung between two trees or poles in your yard or hung from the ceiling. Check out our unique hammock swing chair with tassels. 

This hammock is available in a range of colours and supports your back properly. Add a cushion or two to this hammock; voila, you get your personal swing chair at a fraction of the cost! If you want to relax poolside in a setting reminiscent of a tropical beach, consider purchasing a hammock equipped with a stand.

You don’t have to keep the 9-to-5 posture if you want to spend your day working from home. Just take your laptop and lie on your hammock, swinging while you complete the deadlines! 

If you have a balcony or garden, you may set up a hammock swing chair and do some work while relaxing in the fresh air.

Best Deals on Hammocks Australia: Pick Your Favourite

You may wonder, “are hammocks worth it?” Well, they are! The easiest way to bring a sense of relaxation into your house is with a hammock. 

Apart from hammocks Sydney & Perth,  Swings, futons, and easy chairs are popular choices for many homeowners because of the casual vibe they convey. 

We at Woogly Woosh offer you an exceptional outdoor furniture selection that goes well with your house, whether you want to put it on your big balcony or in your beautiful green garden. 

Take a book and a hot cup of coffee in a hammock, and let go of whatever you’ve been holding onto. If you’re on the lookout for a hammock chair or swing, keep these things in mind:-

  • Distinctive Style
  • Popping colours
  • A1 quality materials 
  • Maximum Relaxation

Types of Hammocks At Woogly Woosh


Our selection of hammock swings includes various brightly colored fabric hammocks made from cotton or other ultra-soft, lightweight, and durable fabric blends. These hammocks may be hung in any open area, such as a large room, a garden, or a lawn, and are perfect for unwinding. Our hammock swings adorned with crochet are an ideal selection to complement your modern home decor.


Check through our variety of swings to locate the traditional rope hammocks that will have you daydreaming of a sunny beach in no time. Each lightweight hammock is constructed from sturdy and durable rope or net, making it the ideal place to unwind and forget about your worries.

Why Should You Buy Hammocks From Woogly Woosh

Experience ultimate relaxation in a hammock as your body unwinds, reducing stress levels. Woogly Woosh offers top-notch hammocks made from premium, durable materials like rope, net, or fabric. Each hammock is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting use. 

Swap your regular chair or bean bag for a hammock chair, providing unmatched comfort when paired with a plush, vibrant cushion for excellent back support.

With affordable options available, our wide selection of classic and modern hammocks will effortlessly infuse your indoor or outdoor space with a tropical, summertime vibe. 

Bring the essence of a beach getaway right to your doorstep with our hammock chair or swing, creating a serene oasis within your own living space! 

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